Projects III_The Skin_Layers and Shadows

The topic for this semester’s projects is the skin.

Our first entry was to design a mask. We started off by drawing some self-portraits.

I started with some figurative drawings, investigating the proportions, and, especially, the shadows cast on the skin.

But, as I had to make an abstract mask, I started abstracting my drawings, and found that, to represent the main aspects of the face, it is enough drawing just the shadows, because they show how the “topography” of the face is.

I started working on these drawings to create a mask that covers only certain parts of the face.

The topics I decided to base my mask on are layers and shadows. The first layer of the mask is a structural one. I used a metallic mesh to model my face.

The upper layer took me a couple of tries to get right. I started working with clay, to represent the shaded parts of the skin. For this I worked mostly with black and white.

After trying with clay, I decided that it was too conventional and heavy for my intentions. I wanted to represent shadows, which are light, and almost transparent. So I investigated a little more and ended up with the idea of using thread instead of clay. A radical change, but I was quite happy with the result.


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